05 - 07 February 2025

Pavilion 1-2 , Jio World Convention Centre,



Sustainability Partner


If there’s one thing buzzing in the Nutraceuticals industry, it is sustainability. A lot has been said, and a lot has been done in the industry. And yet, it feels like there’s a lot left to be done to make sustainability a practical reality when it faces challenges of commercial viability. To begin with, the nutraceuticals industry has seen sustainability in only a few aspects—packaging, supply chain, energy efficiency—however, there’s sourcing, waste reduction, and many parallel aspects where it needs to be realized.

To shed light on these aspects, Vitafoods India is proud to collaborate with Future Market Insights as our ‘Sustainability Partner’. Industry experts and thought leaders have presented their definitions and outlook on how sustainability has turned into an integral part of the industry and that any foot set outside of the track might not convert into a successful run in the long term.

Take a look at our webinar on
‘Cultivating a Greener Future: Sustainable Practices in the Nutraceuticals Industry’ held on 11th January, 2024.