05 - 07 February 2025

Pavilion 1-2 , Jio World Convention Centre,


2024 Edition Innovation Zone

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Innovation Zone

The Innovation Zone at Vitafoods India will be an unmissable opportunity for exhibitors & visitors to experience the latest breakthroughs and innovations in the nutraceutical industry.

With a range of cutting-edge technologies on display, the Innovation Zone is the ideal platform to stay ahead of the curve & gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.



Stand No. -: D04

Product Name -: Liposovit®-Fe

Liposovit®-Fe is liposomal iron (bisglycinate) in the form of homogeneous powder with higher absorption and bioavailability, confirmed in a study. Liposovit®-Fe is a modern product which responds to the widespread interest in safe and well-tolerated iron supplements.


Lipoid AG

Stand No. -: B24

Product Name -: PhytoSolve® Astaxanthin

PhytoSolve® Astaxanthin – Highly bioavailable astaxanthin emulsion consisting of natural ingredients only (astaxanthin, MCT, phospholipids, glycerol). Vegan, non-GMO, free of synthetic surfactants, palm-oil-free, made in Germany.

curcu-vail Bacopa

K Patel Phyto Extractions Private Limited

Stand No. -: E16

Product Name -: CurcuVail®

CurcuVail® offers best Curcumin bioavailability, clinically proven for efficacy.Ideal for diverse applications, it ensures tasteless, odourless integration, freefrom pesticides, and complete water dispersibility. Elevate your formulationswith CurcuVail®.


Samriddh Nutractive Pvt. Ltd.

Stand No. -: E24

Product Name -: : BeepActiveTM

BeepActiveTM is a patent pending integrated extract of Beetroot and Pomegrante using Bio Active Fusion Technology for enhanced sports nutrition and active wellness. Completely natural with no added chemicals and an excellent organoleptic profile well suited for all delivery formats.

Backed by gold-standard clinical study BeepActiveTM has shown significant increase in flow mediated dilation and is a perfect ingredient for pre and post workout support.

Want to know more about BeepActive!! See you at E24!!


Bio-gen Extracts

Stand No. -: G04

Product Name -: : CaroRite TM

CaroRite™ is a clinically-proven carotenoid complex that leverages the synergistic power of lutein, zeaxanthin, alpha carotene, beta carotene & lycopene. It is designed to support visual & skin health while promoting longevity, overall wellbeing & quality of life.


Avlaan Pharmaceutical Private Limited

Stand No. -: B12

Product Name -:Magtein® (Magnesium L-Threonate)

Magtein® is the only bioavailable magnesium brain health ingredient that works by crossing the blood-brain barrier improving brain and mental health.

Strong clinical evidence supports the effectiveness of Magtein for brain and mental health. Magtein has a robust clinical program with several published double-blind placebo controlled clinical studies in addition to numerous animal and in vitro studies.


Generex Pharmassist Private Limited

Stand No. -: E08

Product Name -: AMLEXIN TM

AmLexin is a patented, natural joint-care ingredient containing synergistic blend of Morus alba and Acacia catechu. AmLexin has potent Chondroprotective properties ensuring Cartilage integrity.

  • Amlexin is the Innovation using Unigen’s PhytoLogix™ Discovery Technology that has database of 15000 extracts.
  • Significant reduction of uCTX-II, a type-Il collagen biomarker of joint cartilage breakdown.
  • Helps protect joints from natural wear and tear, by neutralizing super oxide anion.
  • Clinically proven to support exercise recovery and reduce delayed onset of muscular soreness (DOMS).

Natural Remedies

Stand No. -: C08

Product Name -: Holixer TM

HolixerTM is derived from Holy Basil (Ocimum Tenuiflorum) via a proprietary B.O.T™ platform offering Ocimum Bioactive Complex (OBC). In the management of acute stress, chronic stress and in improving sleep quality Holixer™ is effective at a low-dose of 250 mg/day.


Shankar Nutricon Private Limited

Stand No. -: J04


ACTISOMES, an innovative LIPOSOMAL delivery solution, which enhances bioavailability and adsorption. In a unique dry powder form, it ensures stability and ease of use compared to conventional liposomes .This patent-pending product, crafted by experienced scientists, aims to revolutionize Liposomal Active ingredients. ACTISOMES are exclusively derived from sunflower-origin phospholipids, ensuring both non-GMO and non-allergen qualities.


J. B. Khokhani & Co.

Stand No. -: E08

Product Name -: LAC-Shield TM

LAC-Shield (heat-killed L.paracasei MCC1849)is a clinically proven postbiotic that enhances immunity. With its uniqueimmunological function, LAC-Shield serves as a 'Shield' to protect against infections.

  • Highest capacity to induce IL-12, a potent activator of innate andadaptive immunity.
  • Strengthens the natural defence system through IgA production.
  • Enhances immune response of influenza vaccine.
  • Endless opportunities in dietary supplements, foods and beverages due toexcellent stability in harsh manufacturing conditions.